About Us

Started in 2004, BitSpark was born on the premise that technology projects should:

  • be well designed according to time-tested principles
  • use creative problem solving
  • have upfront input from a variety of sources
  • have a rock-solid infrastructure
  • be easy to fix
  • be flexible and adaptable
  • be of the highest quality in all aspects
  • result in happy, productive users
  • be of reasonable cost
  • be definitely within budget
  • provide a high ROI


We have extensive experience in all stages of a software project and can provide value in a variety of ways. You may just need some advice at the beginning of a project to make sure you are headed in the right direction. You may need to hand an entire project off and not want to worry about it. You may want us to provide ongoing support once the project is complete and perhaps even get to know your customers. You may wish to hire us for our nitty-gritty coding experience and knowledge of how to make a development team more productive. We're also happy to help produce any documentation you might need, including functional requirements, technical specs, or development guidelines.

Client Partnerships

One of our core goals is to establish healthy long-term relationships with our customers. We not only want you to call us for subsequent projects, we enjoy getting that phone call out of the blue that has you asking us some bizarre technical question. As part of maintaining good relationships, we like to offer, for free, a number of custom components and tools that have helped us to get the job done faster and with much less risk. These are tried-and-true components, but only recommend their use when appropriate to the project.


Though we have no religion when it comes to technology, the vast majority of our experience is on the .Net platform, with a focus on enterprise-scale ASP.Net applications. We're experts in all areas of the framework and are keen students of where the .Net language features are headed. We've built smart clients, too many web applications to count, standard WinForm applications, and a slew of Windows services. We know the build and deployment technologies backwards and forward. We can even help you set up that Windows 2008 server or make sure your SQL 2008 database is well designed and tuned.